How To Forget

How To Forget

Written by: Codie Prevost/Adam Wheeler

Codie Prevost Music (SOCAN/ASCAP), Noble Vision Music (ASCAP)

All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.


Verse 1

I never knew there was a back way

To that dock beside the lake

Till you drove us there one night

You showed me stars I’ve never seen

We traced the shapes till I believed

Those constellations just might come to life

I thought I knew how to kiss

Till you said no you see it goes like this


You taught me how to love

How to let go and care so much

How to say I’m sorry and how to forgive

Oh but you forgot to teach me

How To Forget

Verse 2

Most things they fade with time

Drift further from your mind

Till you can’t find your way back to the past

But your love it left a mark

Burned a place inside my heart

And your memories waiting down an easy path

I wish you’d taken time

To teach me how not to rewind




Your smile, your voice, your smell, your touch