Standing Still


Written by: Tebey Ottoh, Willie Mack, Carl Utbult

Purple Cape Music c/o ole (BMI), Toreador Tunes c/o ole (SESAC), Usound Publishing / Strengholt Music Publishing B.V. (Strengholt Music Group) (STIM)

All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

Verse 1

Life I somehow watch it pass

Like I’m standing behind glass

Staring through a window

Time is slowly fading away

I say goodbye everyday

I’m trying hard to let go



The world keeps spinning around

But I feel like I’m standing still

The world keeps spinning around

But I feel I’m Standing Still

Verse 2

I see you in my mind

My memories press rewind

I watch you like a movie

I’ll make it day by day

Cause time is all that it takes

Who said love was easy




Like I’m frozen in a crowd

People pass me by

I’m screaming out loud

But nobody hears me, nobody hears me