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Bigfoot Sighting

Filming videos is a lot of fun. It's another way I get to be creative. I love how everything goes silent once the director says “Action” and how everyone from the actors to camera operators are focused on capturing that perfect moment.

When it was time to film a video for my single “All Kinds Of Crazy” I wanted to do something fun and unique. I was brain storming ideas with Liam the director from Electric Umbrella and the one video concept that kept coming back to the top of the list was having my band dressed as Sasquatch with me playing the part of a park ranger who was on the look out for Sasquatch.

I got online and searched around and found a company in the USA that sold Sasquatch suits. When they arrived a week later we didn't like the look of the masks as they were rubber and looked really fake. We thought we would use the suits but have the band in full Sasquatch make up. I hired a makeup and wardrobe team to do the bands makeup and suit prep. It took the band 6/7 hours in make up room, which by the way was my parents kitchen lol.


It took 2 days of filming to do the “All Kinds OF Crazy” video. We spent the 1st day filming near my hometown of Archerwill, Saskatchewan and the 2nd day in Saskatoon at Outlaws Country Rock Bar for the concert portion. On day one we filmed about 5 miles from my parents house at a small cabin I had built when I was a teenager that is located in the center of a 30 acre bush. We filmed parts in the cabin and also filmed performance parts in the bush in a clearing about 100 yards down a little hill. By the way that’s my manager Al who is walking across the clearing behind me in the 1st verse and it’s also him looking into the cabin window lol.

The 1994 GMC truck in the video was my first vehicle that I bought after high school. As you can see in the video I load the Sasquatches in the truck to take them to perform their first performance in the city. That truck was my “Tour Bus” the first couple years of my career when I started performing in local bars for $100 a night so it was awesome to be able to incorporate it into the video.

I made all the instruments for the band using logs and baler twine a couple days prior to the video shoot.

We had so much fun filming this video. I don't think any of us laughed this much in one day. I give credit to my band for going along with the whole idea of them being dressed like Sasquatch.

If you enjoy “All Kinds Of Crazy” you can hear the rest of the album by clicking here!

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