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Down The Line

I believe life throws us curveballs as a way of testing our strengths to make us stronger individuals.

On my 4th album I have a song called “Down The Line”. It’s a song about finding strength in a time of trouble and hardship.

After recording the song I felt it had potential to inspire people with the strong message behind it. After brainstorming my team and I came up with the concept of creating the video featuring a pregnant woman who loses her husband prior to their baby being born. Throughout the video the woman is struggling with the loss of her husband and is contemplating whether or not she can handle being a mom on her own or if she should give the baby up for adoption.

We filmed this music video in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. As you can see with the outdoor shots it was cold and there was lots of snow. We got permission to shoot the ending at the hospital and thanks to all the incredible staff and actors everything went as planned.

Our 1st daughter Lyriq was born a few weeks prior to the video shoot, so I thought it would be very fitting if she could make her first appearance in the music video. Watch at the very end when the doctor hands the mom her baby, Yup that is Lyriq.





If you enjoy “Down The Line” you can hear the rest of the album by clicking here!

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