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Singing In The Rain

Life is filled with many twists and turns where we must take some risks and step outside of our comfort zone. Believe in yourself and with a positive attitude and thankfulness, your life will be blessed. Don’t let fear stop you from trying new things.

We filmed my music video for “Standing Still' in Windsor, Ontario with Anthony J. Vanden Berghe of AVB Photography. This was the 2nd time we worked together as he also filmed my debut CMT music video for “Rolling Back To You”.

My wife Ashley is my love interest in this video. I think she did an incredible job as it was her first time participating in a music video shoot. She not only acted in the video but also came up with the concept to have the rain scene! Initially the band and I were set to be performing on the street with no rain. One day while driving to a show discussing different scenes and throwing ideas around Ashley mentioned that rain would possibly make the video look more dramatic. We went straight to the director and asked if he could “Make It Rain”. AJ and his team wasted no time. Using plastic pipe with some holes drilled in it and some trusts to hold the pipe up he was able to make it rain! Somehow they even managed to have warm water running through the pipes lol.

In order to shoot the rain scene we had to approach the city to obtain a permit to shutdown one of the city streets and have the local law enforcement officers there to make sure everything ran smoothly.

During my performance parts I was in the rain the whole time with the band performing behind me where it was dry. Somewhere between takes we realized that it would be much more authentic looking if the band were in the rain as well. I recall at the end of the shoot my fiddle player (Allison) tipped her fiddle over and we watched a stream of water flow out of it.

I’m so thankful to have such a dedicated band that was willing to get their instruments, and themselves soaked. I think there's some epic band shots with them in the rain that made for a better video.

P.S. If you watch closely in the theatre scene you’ll be able to spot my fiddle player (Allison Barlow) and bass player (Alain Leblanc) as extras. Also that's Joey Landreth from The Bros Landreth on guitar. He was my guitar player on tour that summer. He's also a solo artist. Make sure to check out his music. He's an amazingly talented guitar player and awesome singer.

Prior to shooting the video AJ talked to me about the possibility of not using a guitar for my performance scenes in the video. At first I felt nervous without my guitar. Over the years it's always accompanied me and given me a sense of security when I perform. I remember practicing the scenes with only a mic stand until I felt totally comfortable. I’m sure glad I overcame my fear and took this step as it felt great in the end and helped me grow as a performer.

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