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Tarzan Zerbini Circus

Sometimes unexpected moments in life turn into the greatest opportunities.

When preparing to release my 4th studio album entitled “All Kinds Of Crazy” I wanted to do something different with the artwork to help me stand apart as an independent artist in a crowded industry. I booked a meeting with Creative Designer Hal Schrenk and we discussed different options for the artwork. Mid conversation Hal stopped me and said, “Codie what do you think of doing a photoshoot at the Circus?” I thought for a moment and then said, “That’s maybe the crazy idea we need!” I thought it could work well with the title of the album but my only question was where in Saskatchewan, Canada would we find a Circus? The meeting ended and we agreed to think about it for a few days.

That night my wife and I were attending a friend's wedding and I received a phone call from Hal. He seemed very excited as he started to speak “Codie are you ready to do a photoshoot tomorrow morning? It just so happens I did some research when you left and the Tarzan Zerbini Circus is through Saskatoon and they are willing to let us shoot for 1 hour prior to the circus.” I guess you could say I went into panic mode wondering what I would wear as I said, “I don't think we're ready to do this Hal as we don't have wardrobe, a makeup artist, or a solid plan down” but Hal excitedly said “be at my house at 7 a.m.”.

The next morning I arrived at Hal’s at 7 a.m. and there waiting for me was a makeup artist, a wardrobe consultant, and a couple of cameramen. They dressed me up like Johnny Depp from Pirates Of The Caribbean, and the next thing I knew we arrived on-site at the circus. What this means is within 72 hours of talking about doing the album photoshoot here we were at the circus and it was happening.

The photoshoot started with me on a pedestal set up in the middle of the Circus ring. Then we incorporated performers from the circus in some of the shots.


As we neared the end of the photo shoot for some reason a nervous feeling came over me. I was sitting on the pedestal facing the cameras but I could hear and feel something approaching me and as I turned around I saw two enormous Elephants coming my way. I turned back to Hal with a nervous look as he said, “Codie, I know what you’re thinking, but we have 10 minutes to get this shot, so act natural.” Now if you ever find yourself sitting between two giant elephants you’ll see acting naturally isn’t that easy lol.


In the end we got the photo that became the “All Kinds Of Crazy” album cover. We are so thankful to the Tarzan Zirbini Circus and all their staff for making it possible. There are those days in ones life that they never forget and this for me was definitely one of them.


"All Kinds Of Crazy" garnered me a nomination for "Album Of The Year" at the Canadian Country Music Awards and received "Country Recording Of The Year" at the Western Canadian Music Awards. I guess it goes to show, as crazy as some ideas might sound if you keep an open mind you never know where it might lead you.


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