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Weekend Warriors

Growing up in a small town a lot of the time there's not a lot going on, so most of the time me and my buddies would drive around listening to our favorite music. We'd listen to everything from AC/DC to Garth Brooks to The Rednex.

My first car was a 1972 Ford Torino. It was grey with a pinstripe, chrome mags, and had a hood scoop. My dad and I found it at an auction sale for $2500. I had installed a better sound system and some colored interior lights that really made the car look cool at night. I had even put lights under each opening of the hood scoop but was forced to take them out after getting stopped by the cops one night. The officer asked me where I was driving the Christmas tree too, it was pretty funny.

Some years later my band and I were looking at doing a new cover for our live show and I brought up the idea of covering “Cotton Eye Joe”. The band did not seem overly excited about covering the song but I talked them into giving it a try. We performed it at our next concert and the crowd went crazy.

When it came time to record my 3rd CD the song “Cotton Eye Joe” kept coming to mind as a possible cover to add to my “Get Loud” CD. Every time I hear the song it brings me back to those days of spending time with my high school buddies and all the good times we had cruising around listening to that song.

My version of the classic “Cotton Eye Joe” is more country-based featuring Banjo and Fiddle. I play harmonica on the song as well. For the female lead vocal parts, I asked my friend Pop singer Katie Love to sing this duet with me. She has an amazing voice and did a wonderful job. I really like how my version turned out. It has a feel-good beat to it yet is a little different from the dance version by the Rednex my friends and I listened too.

The track is available to listen to below! Hope you enjoy my version!

Talk soon,


Get Loud!!!



If you enjoy “Cotton Eye Joe” you can hear the rest of my third album “Get Loud” by clicking here!

I love hearing from you! Send me an email to with any feedback you may have!

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