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Prevost Featured In Outdoor Canada Magazine

Award-winning country music singer/songwriter Codie Prevost is featured in this month’s Outdoor Canada magazine. Their “Fishing Edition 2016” includes a Hot Spots Guide featuring some of Prevost’s favorite fishing spots in Saskatchewan.

Fishing is one of Prevost’s favorite hobbies and when he’s not on stage you can usually find him in a boat or on the ice at one of his favorite lakes. Prevost says “I grew up reading Outdoor Canada and learned a lot of my fishing tactics from the pros that are in their articles. The cover of the magazine features award-winning Country Music Artist Paul Brandt who is one of my biggest influences, so it’s amazing to be included with him in the magazine.”

As Canada’s only national fishing and hunting magazine, Outdoor Canada has been entertaining and informing readers since 1972 promoting conservation and celebrating Canada’s heritage sports. Outdoor Canada encourages anglers and hunters to improve their skills and broaden their knowledge of the outdoors.

You can pick up your copy of Outdoor Canada across the country wherever magazines are sold or online at

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