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Prevost Thankful Today's Not His Day.

Award winning country music artist Codie Prevost has released a brand new single called “Today's Not My Day” to Canadian Country Radio Stations and for the 1st time USA Country Music Radio Stations.

Prevost was quoted as saying “Today’s Not My Day” is a song about finding a true appreciation for the greater things in life. I’m not talking about money, fame, or materialistic things, I’m talking about the true beauty that is offered to each and every one of us everyday. When we become aware of all the gifts we’ve been given it creates a deeper more meaningful path in life. This song is dedicated to my girls at home Ashley, Lyriq, and Everly.”

“Today’s Not My Day” is the 2nd single released from Prevost’s 5th studio album “Radio” that was released in February 2018. Prevost is currently working on plans for his first USA tour for mid 2019.

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