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Codie Prevost Abducted by Bigfoot!

Codie Prevost was abducted by an army of large hairy beasts and forced to play songs in the wilderness. At least that is what happened in his shiny new "All Kinds of Crazy" music video.

"This was one of the most memorable video shoots I have ever been on," exclaimed Prevost. "I ordered the costumes from the USA about a week before filming and had them shipped to my house. Thankfully they arrived on time and were the perfect size for the band."

Early in the video, Prevost can be seen happily traipsing through the woods dressed as a park ranger working for "Sask Watch". In an early scene Bigfoot can be seen scuttling across an opening behind him.

"It was filmed at my cabin I built near my hometown. We were hoping to do something outside the lines and a little crazy, and I feel we achieved that with the "All Kinds of Crazy" video" explained Prevost.

Prevost searches for Bigfoot through the window of his cabin. It was at that point where he was stealthily abducted.

"Funny thing is no one had any problems with dressing up like Bigfoot, and we had a lot of laughs" said Prevost. "The makeup took about an hour and a half for each person."

After the kidnapper's real intentions are exposed, Prevost ends up playing a concert with the band of Bigfoot.

The video was Directed by Liam Richards of Electric Umbrella and edited by Matt Smith of Sica Films. The band of Bigfoot in the video is Prevost's real band including Al Leblanc on the bass, Todd Peters shredding on the lead guitar, and Hal Schrenk keeping the beat on drums.

Prevost gives special thanks to the owner of Outlaws Country Rock Bar, Dan Flemming; first cameraman, Derek Mortensen; makeup artist, Chelsea Kapiniak; wardrobe artist, Keeley Kapiniak; set manager, Brock Andrews; camera, Alan Yuen; and logo designer, Bryan Larson.

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